Savage Presence

Life rolls on like a freight train. It’s so easy to get knocked down by the momentum of that. It has paralyzed me, as a grown, self employed man. I realized that there is only one way to change the terms on which we play this game called life. I fought for years and it was a futile effort. It just did not work. The only way to be more, and do more, is to simply become savagely present in all areas of life. Just being present is not enough. Savage Presence on the other hand defines reality in a completely different light. I want you to know that it is possible, it can change, and it’s nothing like the path you have been traveling. I am not here to push you into a group or sell a program. I am here to present the opportunity to see what what I do from this side of the fence. Quite honestly it is a little savage. It’s simple, and it works. I’m not reinventing the wheel, but I do see things, and forge relationships on a different level. Savage Presence, to me, is the only way.